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ZT Music Studio

Zac Tiessen is an award-winning composer based near Toronto, Canada. His credits include additional music for Netflix and Ubisoft, as well as the video game soundtrack "Supernova," a score composed for the StarCraft II campaign UED: First Light.


For his original music, Zac collaborates with fine artist brother, Josh Tiessen. The songs take inspiration and are creatively guided by Josh's hyper-surrealistic imaginative paintings. For their debut project, "Streams in the Wasteland" (exhibited from NY to LA) Zac composed songs for each painting, crafting a world of unique custom textures to match their narratives.


Zac constantly searches for uncommon instruments to experiment with and has even invented some along the way (co-designed his signature 8 string guitar and invented a custom instrument called the "cylindrical bass"). He also enlists session musicians and composers to contribute to his tracks, such as Julie Elven (vocalist), Kristin Naigus (woodwinds), Yoed Nir (cellist), and Brock Hewitt: Stories in Sound (pianist/composer). This is all brought together through an ambient cinematic approach, which allows the listener to discover new layers the more they listen and are immersed in the music.


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