ZT Music Studio

Zac Tiessen is an award-winning guitarist and composer based near Toronto, Canada. His credits include additional music for Netflix and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion (Xbox/PS5), and music mastering on multiple BBC documentaries (Prince Philip: The Royal Family) and video games (Nintendo Switch Gunborg: Dark Matters). For his multi- genre debut full-length original soundtrack album composed for "Streams in the Wasteland" (a collaborative art/music project with master artist Josh Tiessen) he enlisted acclaimed session musicians such as trumpeter Jordan Katz (Red Dead Redemption 2), woodwind specialist Kristin Naigus (Ori and the Blind Forest) and percussionist Larry Salzman (BBC, Planet Earth). On Tiessen's latest soundtrack "Supernova," a score composed for the StarCraft 2 custom campaign UED: First Light, he collaborated with sought-after vocalist Julie Elven (League of Legends). He studied music theory, guitar performance, production (mixing/mastering) and film scoring through UCLA and Berklee College of Music, where he was awarded a Celebrity Scholarship from Grammy-winning producer Don Was. From his own ZT Music Studio, Tiessen has worked as a mixing and mastering engineer on thousands of songs and soundtracks from over 50 countries, including Billboard charting albums, with millions of streams online. His own solo music and soundtracks have amassed over 1 million total streams/views.

Zac is a sound engineer and composer with an insatiable appetite for exploration and innovation. At the invitation of Canton Custom Instruments, he co-designed a signature 8 string electric guitar model, which was launched at NAMM 2019. Although his primary instrument through Berklee College of Music was 8 string electric guitar, he also plays classical guitar, piano, charango, banjo, baritone ukulele, balalaika, harmonica, dobro, lap steel, and a plethora of analog synthesizers. Tiessen invented the “cylindrical bass,” a custom instrument that utilizes 16 bass strings attached to a vari-speed spinning contraption that he plays with a cello bow and processes with his ever-growing guitar pedalboard (currently over two dozen). For inspiration, Zac enjoys travel and going on nature walks with his brother Josh, recording sounds everywhere they go. He values nature conservation, and part of the proceeds from “Streams in the Wasteland” were donated to such organizations. Zac is known to be polite, personable, and good-humoured. Spending the first years of his life living in Russia with parents who were professors and humanitarians, he works well with people of all ages, gender and ethnicity. In his leisure time Zac enjoys watching sports (avid Toronto Raptors fan), disc golfing, playing story-driven video games, and going to Toronto Symphony Orchestra concerts.